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Life with children who have HIV

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1981 was a busy year. Prince Charles announced his engagement to Lady Diana and the arcade game ‘Pac Man’ became an overnight sensation. John Lennon topped the charts, ‘Post It Notes’ were introduced and Ronald Reagan became the 40th US President. The Waltons aired its final episode, IBM introduced the first personal computer and scientists began studying HIV/AIDS.

A lot has changed in 37 years.

What was once considered a ‘death sentence’ experts now call a “chronic but manageable condition.” In fact, some doctors are saying they’d rather have HIV than diabetes.

Here, at Positively Adopted, our goal is to present condensed coverage of current research regarding HIV/AIDS, and provide a collection of resources as they relate to the adoption of children. We hope to help educate and replace antiquated myths with promising truths!

Is it Safe?

Is living with someone who has HIV safe for others?

Meet Families

Families who have kids

with HIV share their stories.

Long Life?

Learn about life expectancy

 for kids with HIV.

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