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Life with children who have HIV


"There is hope and optimism around the possibility of a genuine cure for HIV being developed within the next few decades. The launch of a new strategy to develop a cure, involving scientists, policy makers, funders and people living with HIV, in July 2012, marked an increased focus on the development of a cure.

International AIDS Society

Does HIV ever go away?  Is there a cure?

Currently there is no cure for HIV and, until we find a cure, HIV never goes away. 

Thanks to the amazing advances in treatment, it does not neccessarily progress into AIDS... but once HIV positive, always HIV positive.

The good news, however, is that there are treatments and medications that can drastically slow down the HIV virus, and the damage to the immune system. With these treatments people with HIV are now living long and happy lives.

To learn more about these medications CLICK HERE.

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