Positively Adopted

Life with children who have HIV

Mary & Gary's Family

"We discussed adopting a child living with HIV...and decided it was not for us..."

Urban Family

"Having a background as a registered nurse, I knew HIV adoption was not a risk to our family..."

Andrew & Amanda

"My husband and I are both biologists with extensive knowledge of microbiology and virology..."

Debbie's Family

"At first I thought these people were off their rocker!"

Susan's Family

"I am constantly amazed that this wonderful creature...  calls me 'Mommy'." 

Daniel & Chantelle

"Just because the letters H-I-V strike fear in our hearts doesn't mean that this fear is LOGICAL..."

Jennifer's Family

"I read more about the needs of children with HIV and thought 'I can do this'..."

Heim Family

"No one thinks it's the tiny BLOND... Surprise!!"

Jody's Family

"With good, consistent medical care, HIV is not something to be afraid of."

Baker Family

"Why was there so much suffering... and what did He want me to do about it?"

Kiel & Carolyn's Family

"Our fact basis was a bad 80's flashback...we didn't have a clue."

Eric & Sharon's Family

"We are not a couple who 'always thought we would adopt someday'..."

Steiner Family

"Four doctor's appointments a year... but other than that, we are a very normal, boring family."

Jutt Family

"Six Pills a Day: A Cure for My Ignorance Regarding HIV."

Joy's Family

"My social worker said "Oh you don't want her, she has full blown AIDS..."

Ross Family

"Everything I thought I knew about HIV was wrong..."

Levy Family

"There is nothing to fear about us, except maybe our messy house and massive laundry pile"

Anita's Family

Coming Soon! 

Qualls Family

Coming Soon! 

Young Family

 Coming Soon! 

Boulton Family

Coming Soon!

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