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Life with children who have HIV

Ross Family

We are the Ross Family. In October 2008 we knew there was a little girl missing from our family. After meeting a family on vacation that had just come home with twin boys from Ethiopia we couldn’t stop thinking about adoption! After much prayer as we were in the middle of a move and a major career change we felt that God said GO!

We started the process to adopt a girl under 24 months with minor correctable medical ailments. We lived 90 minutes from the nearest major medical facility and had 4 busy boys and a home based business. We didn’t think we had time for “issues”. Then late one night I tripped over the Positively Adopted website. Very quickly I realized everything I thought I knew about HIV was wrong.  It wasn’t a death sentence…unless the child stayed in Africa. It didn’t require extensive medical intervention. …and they were children that just needed a home!

Within a week we had changed our paperwork to include HIV. Two months later we saw her adorable face!!! Ellianna means “God Provides” and He provided for her – but also for us! She is a the happiest person I know!!! We do a doctors visit every 6 months and medicine every morning and night. She’s been with us almost 5 years and has only been on antibiotics once!!! This month she started Kindergarten. I cried for almost 2 weeks straight. My sister kept telling me it was because she’s my baby….but I think it’s because we almost missed her! We had lots of people close to us, very close to us, tell us that we were crazy..That if we had a brain cell in our heads we wouldn’t bring her home. Those are the same people that shopped for hours to find her just the right “brown” dolly!!!!

Two years later we brought home Andrew & Lillie from Ethiopia. We assumed God would lead us to another HIV adoption – but He said no. Andrew & Lillie have been with us almost 3 years now.

I was going to be the career gal with 2 kids. Ha! I’m so very grateful that God didn’t let us miss this!!!! Our house is just a bit “crazy” – but it’s taught all of us the value of family. In fact, our kids are constantly asking why weren’t not adopting again!!!!! My 12 year old has decided he’s having 10 kids, 5 that his wife has & 5 they adopt.

God is very clear about how He feels about widows and orphans…..step out & watch Him step up! It’s a scary and exciting place to be!!!!

-Jill Ross

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