Positively Adopted

Life with children who have HIV

Steiner Family

We are the Steiner family.  We are one mama and three kiddos.  My first born son, Seth, was born in Naperville, Illinois and came home forever when he was two days old.  He has a list of special needs that we manage with therapists and doctors.  When I adopted Seth, I knew he would not be my "only" even though there was (as yet) no daddy in our home.  

In 2010, I met my daughter Leah Grace in an orphanage in Uganda.  Leah has HIV.  After adamantly swearing off positive adoptions in the past, God spoke to me very clearly about bringing Leah Grace home.  And so we did.  In November 2010, Seth and I landed back in the U.S. with Leah and we became a family of three.  Then in 2012, God did it again.  This time, Zechariah came home -- also from Uganda and also HIV positive and now my eldest son.  

Over the last few years I have learned that parenting an HIV positive child is just like parenting any other child.  Yes, my Ugandans have four doctor's appointments a year to check their blood, but other than that, we are a very normal, boring family.  Ha!  In truth, Seth's sensory processing disorder and attendant needs takes far more of my time than managing HIV does.  Indeed, I rarely think about the positive status of my kids, even when Leah takes her medicine!  (Zechariah is not yet on meds because his counts are very good). 

HIV is not to be feared.  It is a rat bastard of a disease that I'm sad my children have to face, but I am not afraid of "catching" it.  Positive children need homes and I hope, that by sharing our story, you will consider opening your hearts to be one of them!

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