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Life with children who have HIV

"The life expectancy of people with HIV is nearing that of people without the disease." 

- Journal of the American Medical Association

What is the life expectancy for kids with HIV?

Scientists agree that, with the incredible treatments now available, people with HIV are now living a "very close to normal" life span - well into their 70's" with life expectancy growing all the time as new advances are made. 

According to Dr. Max Pemberton "It’s now incredibly rare to die as a result of HIV/Aids in this country. The most recent statistics show that in 2012, less than 1 per cent of people with HIV died. This is about the same for the non-infected population

Dr. Pemberton goes on to add "As a doctor I can tell you that, medically speaking, I’d rather have HIV than diabetes. While this might sound shocking or surprising, the facts speak for themselves: the prognosis for those with type 2 diabetes is much worse than for those with HIV."

"HIV now considered a chronic condition that can be controlled with medications and healthy lifestyle choices."  - Harvard Health 

According to Kenneth Alexander, M.D., chief of pediatric infectious diseases at the University of Chicago, 

"The fact is, science and medicine have come so far that "we would rather treat pediatric HIV than juvenile diabetes. If you look at how well our medications work, there's no reason not to expect that {children with HIV} will one day see their grandchildren."   -www.Parenting.com

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