Positively Adopted

Life with children who have HIV

"Conditions present in a newborn or a child under 18 who is adopted or placed for adoption (even if the adoption is not yet final), as long as the child is enrolled in health coverage within 30 days of birth, adoption, or placement for adoption cannot be subject to preexisting condition exclusion."  

- United States Department of Labor


Any trouble getting insurance coverage?

"Our daughter's insurance coverage is through the same group plan that my family is covered by. No problems."

Our insurance covers the cost of meds. Out of pocket is about $30/month. -Mary C.

Will insurance cover medical care for a child with HIV?

The amended ERISA Act of 1993 requires that any group health plan providing coverage for dependent children must provide benefits for an adopted child under the same terms and conditions that apply to a biological child of a plan participant.  

Also there are several organizations that can help with, or even completely pay for, your insurance co-pays for the prescriptions a child with HIV takes. 

Read more about affording HIV medications and assistance programs here.

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